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Commercial Videos
Video: The story expanded when I used my writing and audio production skills to break into video. To date I have produced (written, directed, and/or edited) literally hundreds of videos. Including nationally syndicated TV specials, corporate videos, TV commercials, biographies, and over 2000 medical new pieces. 
Healthcare Videos
Since 2006 Empowered Doctor has published over 2000 medical news stories - most with video. The result is one of the largest online archives of health-related news stories. Below is a small sampling. 

In addition, I have worked with several of the best known brands in the healthcare arena, such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Columbia University Medical Center at New York Presbyterian, Cleveland Clinic, Susan G. Komen, and, to name just a few. We are also a proud partner in the production of The National Physician of the Year Awards.
Video Arts

This section explores the integration of original video, animation, and music.  

Impressions of
     an Exhibition

Video by Stuart Diamond

Music by Modest Mussorgsky


Video by Stuart Diamond

Music by Ayal Adler


FIVE BAGATELLES for solo instruments, electronics and video

1. Sideways, 2. Sequences,
3. Koperian, 4. Patterns,
5. WolfSong

SYRYNX was inspired by the 2015 super "blood" moon. Set to an electronic work from the 1980's.

Music is from an improvisation by Electric Diamond