Diamond Arts

Stuart Diamond's career covers a wide range of disciplines. He is a producer, composer, musician, writer, director, videoartist, and journalist. He is a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow for the Council of Independent Colleges.

"Our goal is to help our clients become more successful, whether it is in the telling of a story, selling a product, or marketing new ideas and concepts.  We use the entire palette of multimedia skills to 'making the vision happen'."  

Please feel free to contact us at 347-674-3681


As producers, we have experience handling every detail of a project. This includes:

  • Selling projects
  • Client consultations
  • Every aspect of creative 
  • Execution of every detail
  • Distribution and financing 
  • Assessment of effectiveness

Music - Our story begins with music -- classical and electronic.  We have composed and produced film and video scores, dance scores, TV and radio commercials, and dozens of concert pieces - everything from chamber music to full symphonic works.  (Read more...)

Video: The story expanded when we used my writing and audio production skills to break into video. To date we have produced (written, directed, and/or edited) literally hundreds of videos. Including nationally syndicated TV specials, corporate videos, TV commercials, biographies, and over 2000 medical new pieces. (Read more...) 

Writing and Journalism: And then there is writing. Hundreds of stories, interviews and news pieces - from screenplays to poetry to articles about the some of the most important science of our time - and the people behind these breakthroughs. (Read more...)